2014 Calendar

You know you want one. The PRESS 2014 Calendar.


Get inspired every month with our Mantra Calendar. Every month was printed at PRESS gallery on our infamous Vandercook letterpress, and includes quotes from Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Emily Dickinson, VIrginia Wolfe, and more. Every month will contain the usual PRESS charm!

$50+tax for pick-up at PRESS, $60 for shipping and handing (includes tax). For multiple calendar shipments, add $5 for each extra calendar (for example, for 2 calendars, it’s $60+$50+$5=$115–for three $60+$50+$50+$5+$5=$170…and so on and so on. We can do the math for you–just let us know!)

Download the order form and get yours today.2014CalendarForm


4 thoughts on “2014 Calendar

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